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Words for English speaking visitors !

Words for English speaking visitors !

utorok 1. mája 2018

Review -

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I buy on G2A game dírt 4 . Date was February 18 2018

Seller ( Diebestenspiele ) sell me duplicate key and i will connect screenshot of course. And i of course i add picture with order number and scam seller nickname. When was delivered for me duplicate key i after wrote on G2A support and open dispute with seller. Seller don´t believe me ( of course i send screenshot as first step ) and he rejected refund my money. After G2A did investigation i add all screenshot from G2A. After investigation scammer seller was winner and i have now blocked account and when i ask why was my account susped i get this answer : Greetings,

Thank you for contacting G2A.COM

As you have been informed in the thread with the following ID: HTDI-905901 your account will remain blocked due to the violation that took place. Please be informed that creating multiple tickets won't help you resolve this case as the decision was aleady made in this matter.

Best regards,

G2A Team

and nothing more nobody communicate with me and scammer win.

Never ever buy at G2A because they support scammer sellers and always win scammer and not truth. G2A marketplace is big scam and they also cancel live chat... And people what work here They do not know who the company director is what is big joke :D G2A stolen me 17,86€

I gave them all the evidence but it did not help. No one believes me and the specialists choose the fraudster ....

Screenshot from my Steam apps show that he sold me a duplicate which was already activated on another account !!!

If someone can help me, please write me. I want justice to win !!!

I'm not disappointed, and my evidence tells the truth !! Thanks for help everyone !!

Click here when you want see SCAM marketplace
Click on picture when you want see SCAM marketplace website !
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