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Words for English speaking visitors !

Words for English speaking visitors !

sobota 15. apríla 2017


My Paying Ads - Best revshare site ! 

If you want register in to this amazing project. Please click on banner !!! Registration for free ! FOREVER !!!

How to SIGNUP?

Please read new update from Uday Nara 

MPA-MPCA Plan for Moving Forward in Stages as of 18th May 2017

PA/MPCA Stages Going Forward as of 18th May 2017

Stage 1:

Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017 
back to members processors
Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017
Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances
Time frame: Proceeding now 

Stage 2: 

Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites
Time frame: Within 7 days

Stage 3:

Open the new product platforms, CC, 
Local Business Directory Listing
Time frame: Within 14 days(CC) 
to 8 weeks(Local Business Directory Listing)

Stage 4:

Return 'Seed Money' – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals
Time frame: Begin within 3 months, 
based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs
Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice

Welcome To MyPayingAds!
My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your advertisement placed. Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution! It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefit to you. The ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success. Do not miss the high quality traffic and residual earnings that this site can offer. Sign up and start using its services.

You can earn for free here ! When you will click on cashlinks everyday ! How click on cashlinks ? 

1. Login in to your account 

3. Now you can see cashlinks ! Now earn for free !! Ads are available everyday - depending on how often users buy an ads in cashlinks

You can earn 2% per day from adpacks ( revsharing ).

Click on sound icon and you get explain how work pool system in MPA. It is same system as in MPCA

How Qualify on surfing ? 

How click on CASHLINKS ?

About The Owner Of My Paying Ads (MPA)
Owner of My Paying Ads is Uday Nara who is proposed to be most trusted and experienced Admin in the Industry, he is hardworking admin from Singapore who is genuinely desire every members to win from his system without any drama.
There are not enough words to tell his intensity in managing a program. He also did a commendable job when PayPal almost shut down My Paying Ads business back in early 2016.

 Compensation Plan 
My Paying had Faced some serious downtime in early 2016 when Paypal Discontinued their relation by all of revenue shares and frozen funds of all revenue sharing programs. However Uday Relaunched the system on 17 March 2016 by making some variance in the Pay Plan structure. Even after Paypal disaster. MPA came back even stronger than before and till date MPA did not miss a single payout. Each and every member of MPA has been is being paid in time without any delay.

  • Current Payplan includes 4 levels Ad Packs. $5 $10 $25 and $50. We can purchase a max of 100 Ad Packs each from level 1 to 3 where as level 4 is unlimited.
  • Every ad packs gives same 120% ROI on maturity.
  • MPA offers 10% referral commissions on all purchase and repurchases of Ad packs.
  • Revenue are shared every 1 hour and surfing 10 ads within 24 hours are mandatory to earn.
  • Cash out is limited to $200 per day for the sustainability of program.

Ad-Pack Plan 1 – With this plan, you will get 2 PPC Banner Clicks and 100 Website Credits. The cost would be $5 and returns up to 120%.
For this plan.
Ad-Pack Plan 2 – With this plan, you will get 4 PPC Banner Clicks and 200 Website Credits. The cost would be $10 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan
Ad-Pack Plan 3 – With this plan, you will get 10 PPC Banner Clicks and 500 Website Credits. The cost would be $25 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan
Ad-Pack Plan 4 – With this plan, you will get 20 PPC Banner Clicks and 1000 Website Credits. The cost would be $50 and returns up to 120%.
To purchase this plan

MPA Membership Plans
Membership plan Added in the Payplan from 1st September 2016. Free Members boot still buy and gain from directly Plan 1 Ad packs without barring no one monthly memberships all the same other members must raise their membership separately month from their payment processors.

My Paying Ads Strategy
The best strategy which I’m following and almost everyone in the group is following to get the maximum output is, try to purchase as many shares as you can for the first couple of months using cash earnings + re-purchase earnings until you recover your seed money.
After you recover your seed money, you go straight by re-purchasing more ad packs. Then you set your goal of daily income say $50 to $100 per day, you keep re-purchasing until you reach the number of shares that may approximately yield you the earnings that is equivalent to your goal ($50 to $100 daily for ex.) without minimizing the number of your shares.

This is the Basic strategy, but still every member has got his personal strategy for his own as well as for his team applying which they’re producing excellent results and earning lots of money out of this program.

if you want to purchase Ad-Pack you need to surf three banner ads. Refer the above image and complete the task. Now click the Purchase AdPack Button to start purchasing.

In the next screen, you have to work with care. Just follow the steps as per the image below.
1.) Choose "Earning Balance + Commission Balance"
2.) And select Option "Use Commission Balance First" because you cannot able to withdraw balance in there so only I am saying.
3.) Choose Payment Processor as "Payza" (use preferred processor as your own wish, but I suggest Payza)
4.) Enter the number of Ad-Packs you want to buy.
5.) Agree to their terms and conditions
6.) Now click PAYNOW button to purchase Ad-Pack.

When can I withdraw funds?

Whenever you reach minimum of $5 in your Earning Balance you can request withdraw througha any of the Payment Processors. You can find the withdraw button in your account overview section. All payments will be processed within 72 Hours and you will be paid in the requested processors immediately.

Will be patience your work is 100% paid !! 

Money brings money.You can't go long in any business without spending money.

If you have some question contact me on mail :

Dear All,
Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and wish you all a joyful time of the remaining weekend!
We, the MPA Management, have been working tirelessly to have steady progress for MPA and MPCA. There have been some delays in the withdrawals and we have been working hard to find solutions to improve the situation. It has come to make some adjustments to our current arrangement so that the situation can be improved. We try our best to make this update concise and clear as much as possible.
[1] Though we have been making a great progress in terms of the revenue generation since our re-launch in Mar 2016, there has been short fall of revenue coming into the system compared to what we were paying out. We have never reduced the daily earnings as we set those daily earnings with an anticipation of future sales targets and achievements. Now, we have come to a stage where we need to increase our efforts to generate more revenue so that the withdrawals shall be processed smoothly without any delay.
Please note that we have been generating good revenue daily but not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals and hence we have come to the current state of delayed withdrawals. By putting more promotional efforts on daily basis we can be able to reach to the targeted daily revenue in very short period of time and then can be able to sustain the same.
For MPCA, the raise in the Bitcoin price and the fear of fork etc in the recent past has some effect on the revenue generation and we need to take some measures for this platform too to make it more stable and steady in terms of finances.
[2] Now, the biggest hurdle in recruiting the new members is of the delayed withdrawals. Hence, we found a solution wherein all the withdrawals will be processed within 24 hrs of the request being made so that everyone can completely work on promoting our services to the potential clients so that we can soon reach to our targeted daily revenue and steady state of functioning.
[3] As the current daily revenue is not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals hundred percent, we need to work towards an increase in the daily revenue that we generate so that we can meet the daily withdrawal requests. We are fully confident of reaching that stage but need our collective work to achieve the same.
To have smooth promotional efforts, the withdrawal requests have to be fully cleared within the reasonable time frame. Therefore, after so much brainstorming, we decided to work on a solution for this so that all new withdrawal requests will be cleared within 24 hrs after the request submission so that we can boost our promotional efforts. Hence, we decided to have a variable maximum daily withdrawal limit starting from Tuesday, 9th May 2017 at both MPA and MPCA (which can be any amount less than $200 at MPA and less than 1 BTC at MPCA, respectively) which will be based on our daily revenue generation and which can be cleared within 24 hrs of withdrawal request submission. Our target is to maintain and/or achieve these daily maximum withdrawal limits to $200 for MPA and 1 BTC for MPCA, respectively, but it depends on how soon we can reach our targeted revenue generation.
[4] Following are our plans to increase the daily revenue:
-Increased Online Marketing: We will increase our online marketing by many fold than what we are currently doing. We are actually doing only less than 10% of what we are capable of because of our daily administrative duties. We now increase these efforts and reach to our full potential.
-Increased Offline Marketing: This is one area that we yet to start. We will now organize business opportunity meetings all over the world through our affiliates and the management team. Some leaders from Australia and UK are going to have inaugural MPA-MPCA business opportunity meetings in their countries soon. We will have the arrangements made for such events all over the world.
-New Advertising Products: We will have some new advertising products coming up. Especially one advertising product has great potential to bring the bigger revenue which in fact seen as a Dream Product by us. Following is an illustration of the revenue possibility: If one thousand members of MPA and MPCA, bring one sale for this product per day, the company will make $100,000 revenue per day (10% of which will be paid to the members as the affiliate commission and rest will be used for honoring MPA-MPCA withdrawals). We have not seen any such product in the market generating such a big revenue. Please remember that our clients for this product are any offline business owners. So, you can imagine the potential that we have for this product. We have thousands (or millions) of different offline businesses in every city we live and eevry offline business owner is a potential customer/client for this advertising product.
This is by far the great idea that we have generated and we strongly believe that once we bring this product to our platforms, that will be the last day that we worry about our daily revenue generation. We need the quality time to work on this product development. Hence, it is very important to bring the above variable withdrawal limits so that the site functioning can be made smooth and steady and we the management time can put our efforts in bringing this dream product on board.
The IT team are currently working on this product and we target to bring this product to our platforms in the next 2-3 months or less. We will update to you all on the progress as it develops.
-New Partner Programs: We are also working on some new partner programs which will bring new customers and additional revenue to our platforms. Please remember that all our efforts in this direction are to bring new revenue to our two platforms. This also needs our quality time and energy to channel in this direction.
-New Payment Processors: We are also working on the new payment processors so that it can bring more members to our platforms.
-New CryptoCurrency Adpacks: We shall also be bringing new adpacks that can be bought with other crypto currencies.
With all the above plans in place we are fully confident of reaching the targeted daily revenue as soon as possible so that the daily withdrawal limits will go back to normal. Until that time there will be variable withdrawal limits anywhere between $5 to $200 per day at MPA and from 0.01 btc to 1 btc per day at MPCA).
The leader's commission obtained everyday will be fully paid without any restriction. The variable limits applies to Earning balance and Booster earnings withdrawals, respectively.
[5] Following are the key points to note regarding the variable withdrawal limits and how it works:
[a] We will place the current pending withdrawals on hold until further notice. If any member wants to get them canceled and return the funds to earning balance, please raise a support ticket (under category: "Cancellation of Withdrawal Request" so that it can be done as soon as possible. We will let you know soon (before end of next week) on what is going to be done regarding these pending withdrawals in the system.
[b] The new withdrawal request submissions and withdrawals processing will be closed on Monday, 8th May 2017.
[c] The withdrawal request submissions will be resumed from Tuesday, 9th Mat 2017, server time 01:00 onwards. The maximum withdrawal limit per member on Tuesday will be fixed before 01:00 server time on Tuesday and you can see the same on the withdrawal page while submitting the withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests submitted on Tuesday will be cleared within 24 hrs from the time of withdrawal request submission. This will continue the same way moving forward until we reach our upper limits of withdrawals.
[6] Please visit the below video for the hangout we had where we explained the details:
We thank you all for your valuable contributions and support to MPA and MPCA and we look forward for bright future.
Best Regards,

MPA-MPCA Management and Admin Team

Or my Facebook : 

Or write post on my G+ Thank you so much for read this blog ! Mpa is amazing and longterm project GO FOR SOME MONEY !!

MyCashBar - Doing nothing and earn ( only launch app ) TESTED PROGRAM

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Earn Money Online Without Doing Anything,

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It´s absolutely free and easy.

How it works?
1) You install MyCashBar on your computer
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Payout method: Paypal, Payza, Check

How start?
Join to MyCashBar here. Download program, accepter, instal.
After installing, turn on program and insert your email and choose your password. After this, you can login on website and fill out you paypal payza name acc etc.
By during earning, you can find there bonus from 10 - 1000 bonus points, just click on banner and get some bonus points.
You can also earn through refferal system.

Earn cash with MyCashBar ! 
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Join us and continue to surf as before !
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Send an email to me at to inform me that you’ve signed u. In the email, tell me:
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After I verify that you have purchased successfully through me, I will reply to you in 24 hours with 3 FREE bonus gifts.





3Bonus Bitcoin50500015
12MellowAds500010000024 hours

Donate to this user:  1EtH7moA6fjL9Erg6hVRwDJWEkkzv2sFTu




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GrandBux was launched on 30 march 2014 is a trusted and Registered Californian Company (Grandteam LLC) in USA (Based in Santa Monica) Paid to click website. Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 300.000) and Instant Payments (Paid more $2.285.500)
This site allows you to earn money at home. There are many ways to make money for free members do not require an investment of money. Also, this site will be a good choice to invest money.
In GrandBux you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Grandbux is one of the Best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.
Firstly visit the website to follow the next steps CLICK HERE TO VISIT GRANDBUX

How here are earning and how it is works?

View Advertisments – Earnings on viewing advertising. WARNING on site have anti- cheat link do not click (It marked in red).
GrandGrid – playing and testing our luck in grid. (opportunity to win a prize up to $1).
Micro Jobs – a micro job is a small task which does not require many hours of work, does not require you to spend any money and can be performed with very little skill.
Points – For specific actions on the site you earn points, which can be exchanged for money (Purchase balance) 10000=$1 (Minimum conversion is 100 points).
How to collect points:
  • 1 point for every click.
  • 2 point for every completed offer.
  • 1 point for every grid click.
  • 3 points for every new direct referral.
  • 10 points for every dollar added from payment processors.
Autoprofit – Extra 20% bonus applies when your account balance is automatically transferred to purchase balance on Auto-Profit day. (Default is Enabled).
Direct Referrals – Users who register on your referral link (you can find the banners with the links in your account). You’ll earn a commission on their clicks and purchases at no additional cost to them. You Need Direct Referrals? (Read this).
Rented Referrals – are the members who registered directly with GrandBux and not by someone’s referral link. You can rent  referrals on GrandBux for 1 month (30 days).
Daily Points Contest – Best participants with the highest points will have the incredible opportunity to receive $1000 bonus as the DPC reward each day until September 1st 2016 (00:00 Server Time).
Recommended :
1) For Free members – Every day a lot of advertising, Flash Clicker program. 
2) For Investors – Bonus on deposit, Profitable the Rented Referrals, Daily Point Contest, Autoprofit.
3) For Promoters (Referers) – Up to $22 comission with upgrade referrals 
4) For advertisers – Effective advertising, A lot Investors.

GrandBux Strategy

1) If you are planning to make an income here, spend your at least 1 hour a day on the site, because clicking for ads for few minutes and leaving will not bring you perfect results. You will need to learn how to manage your account.
2) Click always all the ads daily. Play Grandgrid if you have enough time. You can also do a Micro jobs for an easy task as an extra income. Try to get some direct referrals.
3) Do not rent referrals while you are holding a standard membership, you will only earn 50% from your referral clicks, where as upgraded members even the silver members receive 100% from their referral clicks. If you cannot afford an upgrade, go with Flash Clicker program for a guaranteed profit.
4) Buy any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it. After upgrade, you can now start collecting free rental referrals.
                   Silver members can collect 5 FREE rental referrals every 6 days (Limit: 150)
Golden members can collect 10 FREE rental referrals every 5 days (Limit: 250)
Ultimate members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days ( Limit: 300)
Ultimate+ members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days ( Limit: 500)
Superior members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 500)
Superior+ members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 1000)
Exclusive members can collect 50 FREE rental referrals every 3 days ( Limit: 2500)
  5) If you are thinking long term income, keep the Autoprofit on and benefit 20% extra bonus , which will help you have more value on your earnings so that you can improve your earnings.
Note: Do not cashout your account balance especially for the last few weeks of your autoprofit day , let it be increased so that your autoprofit money will be that much higher.
PS Remember always, that the every account and referral is unique there is not a standard recipe that will work for everyone.


1. One of the main reasons why many ptc sites go scam or fail is because they are not in fact holding legal rights to operate a business , which is why sooner or later they got blocked by Paypal and it cause them not to be able to pay their members.

Grandbux obtains fully licensed business company (Grandteam LLC) in California with high credibility and all of its features were officially approved by Paypal last year. Grandteam has also advantage because both Grandteam LLC and Paypal LLC were governed by the United States Regulations.


2. Everyone who thought starting a ptc business easy has come to conclusion that this job needs more dedication and professionalism than most of the other jobs. Their attitude under hardship cause the admins to make bad choices and bad crisis management lead to lose the trust of members and eventually members stop investing and admins go penniless and stop paying its members. Finally they fail because of that.

if one thing I saw at the beginning of Grandbux is that how professional they worked while facing many restrictions caused by either hackers, Paypal limits etc. They work almost 24/7 with such an awesome support team and they take their job very seriously. This is why thousands over people put their faith in them including me who invested over $5K in the last 17 months. Because I have never seen any PTC site that work as hard and professional as Grandbux owners do.


3. Many ptc owners want to take out the competition so they offer more than they are supposed to and do not plan ahead of their time, which eventually cause them to fail paying their members,

Grandbux will never have problem paying their members because as many times stated by the founder, %80 of daily income is distributed back to their members on everyday , and %10 of daily income is saved for the stability of the site, which is why Grandbux is designed to pay always less than they earn. This is why Grandbux will be able to pay their members with stability just like Clixsense and Neobux. Although they do not express this publicly , they have similar stability programs.

4. Many ptc sites do not even care about the security of their members, most importantly they focus on how much they can earn, but in fact , if you want to make profit, you need to care about how members think and how they can trust you.

Grandbux started the perfect system that no other ptc sites had done before. Shield program. With this advanced security , hackers are not able to cashout the earnings of members even they hack into their accounts because they cannot change your Paypal ID without answering secret questions that only were filled once by you during the registration. They are really strict about this but they must be because that is how you need to do if you want to operate with less liability.


5. Many sites would not have courage to ask verification documents because they know that they cannot be fully trusted. Anywhere there is a money involved , you have to bring your ID , why? because if they do not ask your id ,it may be open to countless fraud activities. Can you open a bank account without ID? or can you start working at a company without an ID?

Grandbux has minimized the risk of multiple account violation by taking verification documents , because thats how you stop cheaters entirely. Many sites do not and they are losing money to hackers or cheaters , which cause them to have reduced capitals. You may not have a bad intention, but believe many members do.. Some people find this suspicious but even providing a library card or student id are good for verification, what could anyone do with your library card? and you can also cross off anything on your document except your name. The most important thing that they care is whether your name matches your name on your grandbux account. If you want to operate a ptc site avoiding many problems with long terms commitments , it is perfectly normal to ask verification documents( in my opinion)

I guess this is the most easy one, because we all know Grandbux is the king of exciting innovations and which is why they always have something for everyone from the person who have $5 to $5000 in their pocket. This kind of successful reach to members leads to spread worldwide.


Grandbux is also now among the top 6000 websites in the world based on the statistics set by Google/Alexa. This shows that the traffic of Grandbux is growing each day by day and the people’s trust spread all over the world. Also , it has been ranked among the Top 3 PTC sites in the world according to EMS. Grandbux’s reputation is clearly impressive.


In light of all these features and my 3 years experience in the ptc industry, I can safely say that i will be seeing Grandbux for many more years. Also statistically speaking , if a ptc site is more than 1.5 years old, it is highly likely to continue for more than several years. Most ptc sites fail in 1 year. Grandbux had proved in so many ways that we are going to see them in our future.

Payment processor : Paypal, Payza
Admins : - 
Launching : March 30, 2014
Total members : 312.280 +50 more new members every day (Update on Oct 21, 2016)
Script : Legal Evolutionscript data : 
- Registrar Info :, LLC
- Expires On : 2019-01-14

Features :
- Instant Payment, Lightning fast payments
- Profitable Rented Referral AVG with FILTERING
- Free Rental Referrals,For All Upgraded Members
- Up to 10$ Grid prizes
- Contest prizes and more.

GrandBux was launched on 30 march 2014 is a trusted and Registered Californian Company (Grandteam LLC) in USA (Based in Santa Monica) Paid to click website.
Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 310.000) and Instant Payments (Paid more $2.085.500)
This site allows you to earn money at home. There are many ways to make money for free members do not require an investment of money. Also, this site will be a good choice to invest money.
In GrandBux you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Grandbux is one of the Best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.

After registration you must send verification documents - YOUR ID CARD on this mail :

Your message must have your full name and your username in grandbux... On your ID CARD must be high resolution... Do not modify on picture... Verification can take 14 days .... If it takes longer than 14 days then send a message directly in your account.. This text you must send : hello i send documents on verification before 12 days but still my account is - un-.verified .. Please help me ...                          
Your username :
Your full name :
I send Identification card
Your Paypal or Payza account must be verified !!

Payout5 $
Members countbetween 100 000 and 1 000 000
Average referral rate100%
Payment withininstant
Profit per click0.001 $
Available clicks per day60
Payment solutionsPaypal, Payza
Monitored since1022 days
Payments reported on NBR   4 775,67 $
Accepted countriesAll

Click on picture you will know how click on ads ! :) Attention you don´t click on bot ads because lose your money !!!!

These Membership are available for all : 

When you want doing Micro jobs : 
1. Login in to your account
2. You must have 1000 CLICK ON ADS
3. Earn money --> Micro jobs --> Follow the instruction on your display 

If you have some questions feel free and write 




Click on ,,Play" and see guide ( how register )

Please use Gmail for registration without problem ;) 

8 Feb 2017 11:15 am
Members, this announcement comes with a very heavy heart. On Monday February 6th Paypal placed a hold on our account. They advised me that due to new policy changes the ClixSense business model was now in violation of their user agreement and we would have to stop processing all payments (in and payments out). 
We attribute this change to the large amount of fly by night PTC, HYIPs, traffic exchanges etc that have made this industry look bad for those that actually run a legitimate business.
I have had several conference calls with Paypal over the last few days trying to convince them that we've posed no risk for the last 7 years since we've introduced them, and even our account rep agrees, but in their eyes it did not matter. On Tuesday afternoon I was told I would get a definitive answer either last night or this morning if we would be able to continue with them for at least mass pay cashouts. I received the call this morning that they are not allowing us to process with them any more. If you haven't noticed, the option to pay by Paypal has been removed from the site.
While this is definitely a set back, it certainly does not mean you will not get paid. I highly suggest that if you are currently using Paypal to switch to Payoneer. They can send your funds directly to your bank account or to their debit card. We also suggest you try Tango Card or Paytoo as they have many different options for you too.
I have a call later today with Skrill to try and get this account setup ASAP and I am doing everything I can to bring Payza back as well.
We know this is a major inconvenience but as the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. ClixSense will continue to move forward and we will do our best to provide you with the great service that you've come to know.
Thank you
Jim Grago

Yes, referrals will be your best bet for making the most possible with Clisense.  If you are in a position to get an affiliate link out to a few hundred people, small incremental payments will start flooding in daily.  However, most people are not setup for this type of affiliate marketing
While a ton of referrals will make a big difference in your Clixsense account, it is possible to beat out the rest of the Clixsense competition in PTC, microtask, offer and survey earnings alone.

Clixsense Strategy for Maximizing Earnings.. without Referrals

You can still earn a nice chunk of extra cash by taking part in the many other ClixSense activities.  The key to maximizing your Clixsense earning potential (without referrals) is the surveys, the ClixAddon, and the Daily Checklist bonus.

Install the ClixAddon (and keep it active!)

The Clixsense addon is crucial for your Clixsense strategy, as it lets you know what’s available as it happens.
If you’re not familiar with ClixSense add on (the ClixAddon), find specific details here.
With the 800 people who are logged into Clixsense at any given time competing for the next task, good deals go fast.  They will probably not be there a few hours later.
The ClixAddon tells you what’s happening immediately, in real time, so you can be one of the first ones there and never miss a thing.  The first batch of participants in any of these areas (surveys, offers, PTC ads, tasks) has the best opportunity for earning.  They get more offered to them, and first picked for limited qualification requirements.
Leaving the ClixAddon running for an hour each day also contributes to your Daily Checklist bonus.  But if you see it there all the time and get used to the information it is giving you, you’ll notice how valuable it can be to you.
I recommended use Google Chrome ( best browser on PTC websites ) 

Clixsense has succeeded in making this site a one-stop-shop for all your earning needs.  There is such a variety at Clixsense, it’s hard to get bored.  And if you do, there’s a lot of cool games you can play to compete against other members.  It’s my first and last stop of most of my days, and I think it will be yours too.
So, here’s everything you need to know about making money with Clixsense..

WHO can work on clixsense?

  • Residents of any country can work and be paid through Clixsense, as long as you have an account with at least one of the three payment options available to you: Paypal, Payza and Paytoo.
  • All members must be at least 16 years old.
  • Strict one-account-per-household rule:  One account, one email address, per household, per IP address.

Different ways of making money with Clixsense..

View PTC ads-

Clixsense is most known for its PTC, or “paid to click” ads.  Advertisers pay Clixsense to show their ad to a certain number of people.  In return, Clixsense pays you and me, its members, to view these ads.  Win-Win-Win.
However, there is only a limited number of these available, which are on a first come, first serve basis.  Viewing PTC ads will pay out about 1/2 cent to 2 cents each.  Earning with PTC ads is simple and the cash really adds up in the end.


Clixsense surveys are some of the highest paid surveys out there.  I am personally a survey freak–I cannot pass up a “10-minutes-for-$5 survey” no matter how busy I am.  And I can always count on Clixsense to have an abundance of these top-dollar surveys available.  Just be sure to follow these secrets to making the most money possible with surveys, so you’ll qualify more often and earn more cash.


Clixsense offers are hosted by other companies who are willing to pay for new customers to try out their product, service or website.  Usually these will require a credit card and sometimes even a purchase, but the reward for completing these is usually higher than anything else.
It is your choice which offers you choose to take part in.  It’s common (and acceptable) to give a credit card number to take part in a “free trial” offer, then cancel before your card is charged, and still be credited by Clixsense.  You just need to make sure you understand the specific rules and requirements of each offer before taking part.

Crowdflower microtasks-

In case you’re unfamiliar with microtasking, these are tiny jobs for tiny payments.  Tasks usually take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and pay you for successfully completing them (generally 2 cents up to a few dollars).  There are a few microtasking sites around the web, but Crowdflower is the only one that spreads it tasks to third party hosts, like Clixsense.  You can find Crowdflower tasks at various sites, but Clixsense pays more for these than any other competing site.  
Crowdflower tasks are on a first come first serve basis.  Some times they have plenty available and other times there may be none available to you.  Task earnings can really add up, so it is good to keep checking back daily.


Clixsense has an excellent referral program.  You get a percentage of each person who signs up under your personalized Clixsense affiliate link.  The commission is only about 5-10% per task or offer, which is small potatoes. But these add up.
If you sign up for Premium Membership, it becomes an 8-tier program, which means that you’ll get credit for your referral, and your referral’s referral, and so on up to 8 levels.  This can become very profitable with a good number of referrals.


Okay, so you can’t really earn with the games, but it’s a great selection that is worth checking out.  They’re fun, and addictive.  You can compete against other Clixsense members in popular games like Bad Eggs Online and Learn to Fly.

There’s also great potential for making money with Clixsense Bonuses..

Daily Checklist Bonus

Aside from your regular earnings, you can get an added bonus each day if you complete all of the items on the daily checklist.  This is here to encourage users to try out all of the ways to earn.  There’s even a bonus-activity bonus for completing the checklist regularly.  If you complete it on day one, day two, and day three, you will receive the activity bonus on day three.  As long as you continue to complete it every day, you will get it every day.  If you miss a day, then that three day rule starts all over again.
This doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re earning as much as possible with offers, surveys, tasks, and PTC clicks, these bonuses can really add to your total.
For completing the daily checklist bonus and activity bonus, a Standard Member gets 7% of his total earnings, while the Premium Member gets 16%.  This takes into account earnings from PTC clicks, offers, surveys, and microtasks.
Account Type:  Standard  Premium
Daily Checklist Bonus5.0%12.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹1.0%2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ²1.0%2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus7.0%16.0%

ClixGrid Bonuses

The ClixGrid is a fun chance game to earn an extra bonus up to $10.  Every member gets 30 clicks on the ClixGrid per day (60 clicks for Premium members).  After you click each square, you are sent to an ad page where you are required to watch for 10 seconds (or 5 seconds for Premium Members). You are then told whether or not that square was a winner, and are allowed to backspace back to the grid to continue clicking.
The ClixGrid is not really a game of luck, but rather statistics.  The more you play, the better your chances are of winning small bonuses.  So play daily.  If it gets boring, you can keep a movie running on a side window to watch while you’re clicking on your ClixGrid window.


The Clixsense add on can be added to your browser to keep you in the Clixsense loop.  Installing it and keeping it active for an hour per day adds to your daily checklist bonus.
When installed, the ClixAddon displays a tiny button at the top right of your browser at all times, and flashes to tell you when new ads, surveys, offers or tasks are available.  A simple click on it brings up this shot:
As you can see, it gives you detailed stats on your Clixsense account, including your tallied earnings, and what’s available for you as they come in.  On the right, it shows you notifications of surveys mostly, including the reward and time it will take you to complete each one.
I love the ClixAddon because it really maximizes my earnings.  I often forget throughout the day and it keeps me constantly reminded of ways I could be making money with Clixsense.
The ClixAddon is completely harmless to your computer.  It does not slow it down or cause crashes at all, and it does not bombard you with ads.

What is Clixsense Premium Membership?

Clixsense offers additional benefits for Premium Membership.  Cost of going Premium is:
  • $17 one-time annual fee
  • or $30 for a full two years
Premium Membership can boost your earnings in a few different areas, including:
  • Referrals–  Referrals earnings is the most significant difference you’ll notice by switching to a Premium Membership.  Commissions double on most referral activities.  See the chart below for exact changes in amounts.
  • Daily checklist bonus– Completing the daily checklist doubles the bonus earned from a possible 7% to 16%.  If you do everything on the list (which is easily attainable), you could earn 16% of your earnings.  Earnings for this bonus includes:  PTC ads clicks, ClixGrid prizes, completed CrowdFlower tasks and completed offers and surveys.
  • PTC ads–  Many Clixsense advertisers choose to only show their ads to Clixsense users who have established “purchasing power”.  This is why Premium members are usually offered more PTC ads than members who have not paid for Premium Membership.  But Clixsense warns extra PTC ads are offered with a Premium Membership, but are not guaranteed.
  • Extra Clixgrid Clicks–  Premium Membership doubles the amount of clix you get on the Clixgrid–60 per day instead of 30.  This in turn doubles your chances of winning.

How will I be paid with Clixsense?

Cash Transfer

Clixsense offers three ways to quickly and easily transfer your cash earnings: Paypal, Paytoo, and Payza.
  • Paypal (available in 203 markets and 26 currencies).  Click here to see the list of countries Paypal caters to.
  • Paytoo -(available in over 200 countries). You must sign up with Paytoo to find out if your country is on its list.
The great thing about Paytoo is that it does not require a bank account.  You can cashout your earnings (or add money to your Paytoo account) at an actual, physical location.  Check here to see if there’s one near you.

Check payment option

Checks are available to US and Canada members only.
Checks issued are only valid for 60 days.  If you lose it or for some other reason are unable to cash your Clixsense check, you can contact them to try and make other arrangements.  If you do not cash your check within 60 days, you will lose that money and Clixsense may even choose to close your account.  The do not issue refunds or credit money back to your Clixsense account after it has been issued through any method.

Clixsense minimum cashout amount?

Clixsense pays members upon request after they have reached the minimum limit in their earnings:
  • $8 for Standard members
  • $6 for Premium members

When does Clixsense pay?

This is one are where this site stands out from any other site.  Clixsense always pays what they promise and when the promise.  They are consistently reliable in this regard.
  • Cash Transfer payments are sent out on the Monday and Friday afternoon of each week (before 5pm eastern standard time).
If you request your payout by 2pm on a Monday or Friday, you will be paid the very same day.
Checks are mailed out on the 10th of each month, to the address you’ve listed on your Clixsense profile.
  • Check payments must be requested by the 7th for it to go out by the 10th.

Address/Identity Verification

US and Canada identity must be verified before being allowed to receive Paypal, Paytoo or Payza payments.  Your first requested payment is mandatory by check, sent with a four digit code which you enter into your account at Clixsense.  This verifies that the check was delivered and received at the address that you claimed was yours.  You must cash the check within 60 days to complete this verification process and be paid.

Clixsense Toolbar

The Clixsense toolbar seems pointless when you can get all you need from the ClixAddon.  I don’t recommend downloading the toolbar. Even Chrome advised me against it. This is just another one of those common, annoying toolbars, like the Yahoo and AOL ones, and it has no direct relationship to your Clixsense account, other than bombarding you with ads.  Plus, there is no cash incentive for downloading it.


Clixsense Research is completely separate from Clixsense.  ClixResearch is strictly surveys, and is mirrored to another site called ClearVoice.  These are reasonably-rewarded surveys offered to members of any country.  Payment terms are different.  They offer Amazon gift card, restaurant voucher or Payoneer cash payments after you reach their $10 minimum.  ClixResearch is offered as a button at the top of your Clixsense account page.  You must fill out a completely different (and very detailed) profile questionnaire to start taking surveys with Clixsense Research.
Likewise, there are many other survey hosting sites attached to Clixsense.  I suggest you sign up with as many as possible and fill out those initial profiles to get more surveys offered to you.  I look for those from Global Test Market, Samplicio and LiveSample first, as they generally pay the most for your valuable time.

PTC Virus and Malware Warning

Clixsense claims in its User Agreement that they scan each PTC advertisement for viruses and malware, but do not evaluate the actual outside landing pages that each advertisement will lead you if clicked upon.  They are also careful to add that they are not held liable if you get any type of malware or virus on your computer.  And unfortunately, this is easily the case with some of these ads you will see on the site.  Watch and earn, but be careful where you click.  Any clicks leading you to a site outside of Clixsense could potentially be dangerous to your device.

Member Suspension/Cancellation Warnings:

  • If you go 90 days without logging in, you will become inactive and Clixsense will close your account out with a zero balance, which will not be returned to you if you reactivate your account later.
  • No chargebacks allowed for any purchase made through Clixsense.  For any payments made to Clixsense (for PTC ad credits, Premium Membership, etc), Clixsense will automatically suspend your account and charge you the amount owed plus a $20 chargeback fee to be reinstated.  Even if it is warranted, you should always get in touch with Clixsense with any issues first.
  • Absolutely no use of VPNs or proxy server.  This is considered fraud for cheating offers.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but they’re pretty serious about it, so maybe you shouldn’t do it.
  • And like most survey/offer sites, Clixsense does not allow multiple accounts of the same person, the same household, or the same IP address.  Ideally, doing this would allow a person to complete the same offers and surveys twice which is considered fraud.  They will cancel your account instantly and keep all your earnings.

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TheAdsTeam * Branded Retail Affiliate Programme *

Launch date: October 15, 2016
Total Members: 7489blank
NO Monthly Membership Fees
NO forced Repurchase rule
Upto 120% Revenue Share
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The Daily cap is set at 2% for $50, 2.25% for $25, 2.5% for $10 AdPacks
Members Can withdraw $10 minimum – $300 maximum daily
Accepts Payza, Perfect money, Payeer ,Bitcoins and SolidTrustPay
Referral commissions on 5 levels deep (8%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%)
You can earn extra cash for viewing PTC ads
Retail Affiliate programs (Amazon, Adidas, GoDaddy etc)*
Professional, experienced management, registered in Dublin
Presentation videos, PDF’s, Training videos already in place
DDOS Protected, SSL Secured

TheAdsTeam Review

This program and group seems very organized, Revshare was planned since 8-9 months, everything seems to be in place already, looks good…
The program has got 800+ signups in like 24 hours which is a record in the last few months except in the case of My24HourIncome. Almost everyone is promoting it after understanding the benefits of the program.
The domain registered almost 5 months ago and during the last 5 months, the admins were constructing the website. The design is pretty good and they have designed member overview too. They got a nice animation explanation video in their home page. Even the member page has that touch which we can understand by seeing ‘How it works’, ‘affiliate program’ links which are custom done.
The admins are real and they are doing videos and webinars. They are UAE based and have their real profiles.
They have done pretty well in advertising section as you might have seen already if you are a MPA member. They have purchased at least $2000 of advertisement in MPA alone, if I am not undervaluing.
Even if all these features are on a program and is still not having main leaders, the program won’t work out. In the case of The Ads Team, they already have main revenue share leaders which confirms that the program will grow constantly.



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Ad Packs
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Ad Pack Earnings Withdrawal Rules:
Withdrawal limit: 1.0 BTC maximum per day
Minimum withdrawal: 0.01 BTC

Referral Commissions:
Referral Commissions On Ad Pack Sales: 6%
Referral Commissions (on all other services): 10%
Referral Commissions Withdrawals: Unlimited

Membership Details:
No Membership: can buy upto 20 adpacks
0.02 BTC/month (Explorer): can buy 20-50 adpacks
0.05 BTC/month (Professional): can buy 50-100 adpacks
0.10 BTC/month (Elite): can buy 100+ adpacks

Advertisement Services:
Withdrawal Ads
Banner Ads
Login Ads
Cash Links
Text Ads
PPC Banners
Traffic Exchange
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Earn with Payza Wallet - referral program from Firoz Patel 


Payza affiliate program for everyone. Referring someone and earn money is good way to earn. Lot of sites is there which pays for referral. Today we will talk about Payza. Payza is an online payment gateway. It’s an e-wallet which helps us to pay and withdraw money. We can use this site internationally from any part of world.
Suppose if we want to purchase something online and want to use credit card. But concern about the credit card security. We can transfer money to Payza and pay from Payza. It is very secure.
Also we can send fund safely to to any other account using Payza.

Features such as send fund, Request funds, Add funds and Withdraw funds are available.
You can use all these features of Payza and also earn money for recommending the site to your friends, family, clients and contacts.
Refer someone and earn money. You can earn up to $10 USD per referral.
It’s simple: refer someone to use Payza, and if they meet the conditions (below) then you’ll get paid! All you have to do is copy and paste your personalized link or banner code into an email or your website to get started!

Terms and Conditions
  • Referrals must open a Personal or Business account and send/spend/receive at least $250.
  • Earn $5 for each of your first ten referrals and $10 each for every one after.
  • Self-referrals or referrals from the same IP address or device will not be rewarded.
  • You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who signed up through your link
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