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Words for English speaking visitors !

Words for English speaking visitors !

štvrtok 17. mája 2018

LastMile or Gomezpeerzone - get payout on Paypal every month 15th - verified !!!


Click on banner and register please !!

About last mile some words : 

LastMile is app for Windows XP /7/8/10
App you will need on share your power with company which pay for your power in your PC !!

Company don´t share any data with somebody 
You get your money on your Paypal account 

Dynatrace mail which will register must be same as is your PayPal email ( Dynatrace mail = PayPal email )

Dynatrace verified accounts every two weeks maybe longer ! Verification depends on your activity !! More activity big chance on success verify !! 

I have PC on 24/7

The company sends money every fifteen days a month !! 
+ - 1,2 days , be patience :) 
App will start automatically with your OS and instant will send your power !!
 Not verified account else !!!

Verified account already YEEEEEEES !!
Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt faq

I did original FAQ copy for you, for better understanding !! 



How does the PEER work?


Each PEER in the Dynatrace network serves as a "beacon," running in the background of your PC, contributing its spare resources (such as otherwise wasted processing power, RAM, and bandwidth) to test website performance.

How does select which pending PEERs to activate?

All pending PEERs are continuously considered for activation. Dynatrace selects which PEERs to activate based on validated System Characteristics, System Activity and business need. Make sure you download, install, and run the PEER application to accrue system activity. Only peers with accrued system activity will be made Active; the more accrued activity the more likely it is that a PEER will be activated when there is an increased demand for testing in your location.

How to earn money as a PEER?

PEER payments are earned through one or more of the following methods:
  • Processing Time Payments : Payment for the time your computer spends processing work for Dynatrace. Only Active PEERs are eligible to earn money for Processing Time.
  • Referral bonus : Payments for referring friends who are selected as Active PEERs. There are specific criteria that potential PEERs must meet for you to receive referral bonus payments. See our Terms of Service for more details.
  • Online Time : Online time is the number of minutes that your system is running the PEER while connected to the Internet. Online time is accrued daily. The PEER must be running for a minimum of 20 hours for Online Time to count for a given day and Online Time hours do not carry over day to day.
You can view the current PEER payment rates here. Also, be sure to check the News section of the site for special promotions and limited time payment bonuses.
Note: Only active PEERs are eligible for payments. After downloading the PEER application, all PEERs are placed in “pending” status; it is at the sole discretion of Dynatrace as to which PEERs are moved to an “active” status.

How do I refer my friends?

All Peers (Active, Pending and Inactive) are eligible to receive payments for referrals. Each PEER you refer that is made active earns you a $1.00 referral bonus. Click on the Refer a Friend link at the top of the page and follow the instructions to start referring today! Refer as many PEERs as you wish--there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
Please see our Terms of Service for additional details. 

Are pending PEERs eligible to earn money?

Pending PEERs are not eligible to receive Processing Time Payments or Online Time payments. While an account is in Pending status the PEER software will display the payment your monthly activity would earn you if your account were active; however earnings will reset to $0.00 on the first of each month until your account is activated. If activated in the middle of the month all accrued earnings will be credited to your account. Pending PEERs are eligible to receive referral bonuses. Please see our Refer a Friend Page for instructions on how to make a referral. Only Active Peers are paid for their Processing Time Payments and Online Time . We encourage pending PEERs to continue to run the PEER application, as only pending PEERs with accrued system activity will be selected for activation. 

Are inactive PEERs eligible to earn money?

Inactive PEERs have been found to be in violation of our Terms of Service and are no longer eligible to participate in the PEER program. If your account is inactive and you wish to obtain more information about your inactive status please contact us. 

About your account


Why has my PEER status changed from Active to Pending?

Your PEER status changes from Active to Pending when there is an overabundance of PEERs with your connection type in your region. This, combined with the amount of work we have been able to match to your system, has resulted in the change in your PEER status.
All pending status PEERs are reviewed every 7-10 business days during the activation process. Reactivation is dependent on the need for testing in your area. Unfortunately, since we are unable to predict future testing needs, we cannot provide a definite timeframe for reactivation. 

Why has my PEER status changed from Active to Inactive?

Your account has been found to be in violation of our Terms of Service and has been made inactive as a result. 

How can I view and update my account information online?

To view your account, sign in using the login link at the top of the page. To make changes to your personal information (such as updating your address, connection type, system availability or email preferences) click on "Change Your Profile." After you have made the necessary changes, click “Update.” Remember to always keep your profile information current to ensure your payments are processed correctly. 

What happened to the balance I earned as an active PEER before my PEER status was changed?

If you have an unpaid account balance which was earned while your PEER status was active please contact us with both your user ID and the exact amount of the balance you believe you are owed. If the amount can be validated we will send you your payment (even if it is less than $5) via PayPal or Alipay according to our next regularly scheduled monthly payment cycle.
Inactive accounts are not eligible to receive past earnings accumulated when the account was active. 

My account is Active, I’ve earned monthly minimum but still not getting paid – why?

If your account is listed as Active, you have earned the minimum of $5.00 during the pay period and still did not receive payment you need to check and update your Paypal account details. To do this:
  • log into your Peerzone account
  • navigate to Account Home page
  • Select the "Paypal Email - Update" link (bottom right of homepage)
  • Select  the "Deposit to your Paypal Account" option and ensure the correct email address is listed.
  • Press the Submit button to refresh your details in our Peerzone database
This is the most common reason why active peers in good standing that meet monthly minimums do not get paid. Following the steps above will ensure that your Paypal account details are correctly update and stored and we recommend doing this before the next payment period.

About Security


Is the PEER secure?

The PEER application has been designed with security in mind. It does not access your personal files or data and never tracks your browsing history. The PEER application only processes information sent directly from our Dynatrace servers using SSL encryption to execute various Web performance measurements.
When the application is performing assigned measurements, all traffic between the Peer agent and Dynatrace is carried over HTTPS (port 443) protecting the Peer and the Dynatrace clients whose sites are being measured.
Communicating over SSL provides endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography allowing client/server applications to communicate in a way that prevents eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. In order to support enhanced performance of the monitoring system itself, Dynatrace uses 128bit encryption for SSL. This choice provides enough security to deter intrusions, yet provides enough performance to ensure that the Dynatrace platform operates in a scalable fashion. 

Will the PEER application trigger alerts from my anti-intrusion software?

The PEER application may trigger alerts from anti-intrusion applications due to its Web performance measurements and communication with our web servers. Your anti-intrusion software may give you the option to ignore alerts related to the PEER application. Please check with the anti-intrusion software's documentation for details. 

What Web sites will the PEER application test through my PC? If I install the PEER application at work will the tested sites appear on my organization’s firewall logs?

Tests are performed on a wide range of Web-based applications - from high-traffic portals and e-commerce vendors, to news and content sites and Intranet applications. As a result, your PC will "visit" a variety of sites. The Dynatrace application is designed to accurately test Web performance without hindering the performance of your system; therefore no content will be stored on your computer. However, please be aware that if you access the Internet within a company or organization that monitors your online activity, the sites tested by the PEER application may appear on firewall logs. If you are concerned about sites appearing on these logs, please do not install the PEER application on your company or organization’s PC. 

Does the PEER application monitor my Web browsing activity?

No. The PEER software does not monitor or record any of your Web browsing activity

My security software is sending me an alert for ‘Panzilla’; is this related to the PEER software?

Panzilla is a process that is run by the PEER software when executing certain types of tests. Some security software may identify the Panzilla process as a security risk, however, it poses no risk to your computer and is a normal part of the PEER application's testing activity.

About the download and installation

What are the available installation platforms for the PEER?

PEER is available for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7 (x64 platforms are also supported).
Linux, Mac and Solaris are not supported. 

Do all of my machines need to have the same system characteristics and Internet connection speed?

No. You can run the PEER from separate machines connected to the Internet in different ways because each computer that runs the PEER is uniquely identified in the PEER Network. Please be sure to verify each machine's characteristics by clicking on the PEER application’s "Options" menu bar. Under "Options", click "Preferences" to confirm your Internet connection type, country, and zip/postal code. 

About running the PEER application


Can I run the PEER on more than one machine?

Absolutely! We encourage you to run the PEER on multiple machines in order to maximize your earning potential. Please keep in mind that in order to be eligible only one (1) copy of the PEER application can run on each machine. Also ensure that you link all of your machines to your account under the same username and that each machine has a unique "machine name" assigned during the installation process.



Why is the “Next Update In” counter/progress bar reading “0:00″?

This problem occurs because your computer is unable to connect to the Dynatrace servers. This could be due to issues with your Internet connection, our servers, or something blocking them from communicating, such as a firewall or Proxy. Please note that any problems on the Dynatrace end are likely to be the result of scheduled maintenance and should not last more than a few hours. If you consistently see this problem, you may want to check with your hardware vendor and ISP to verify that your connection is working properly and that you are not behind a proxy server. 

Why is Processing Time lower than Online Time?

Online Time is the amount of time you have the PEER software running while Processing Time is the amount of time your computer is used to perform our tests. Processing Time is determined by the amount of testing our clients demand. If our clients do not require testing from PEERs with your configuration, you will see lower processing time. 

Will the PEER application work when my computer is not connected to the Internet?

No. Your computer must be on and connected to the Internet for the PEER application to work. If you are offline or your computer is off, the PEER is not able to communicate with Dynatrace. 

Why won’t the PEER application accept my username?

If you are having trouble logging on to the PEER application please make sure that you are entering your exact username. All fields are case sensitive. Click here and enter your email address to reclaim your Username. Additionally, ensure your Internet connection is not being blocked by a proxy server or firewall. The PEER application requires full access to the Internet to function properly. 

How do I open the PEER application? I want to see if I’m making money!

To display the PEER in Windows, double-click on the PEER icon in your system tray. The PEER displays the status of the application, the number of work units you have processed, and other information. However, the PEER does not need to be visible for the PEER to operate "in the background" of your system and accumulate Online Time and Processing Time. 

How can I stop the PEER window from opening every time I start my computer?

Please follow these steps to prevent the PEER window from appearing at system start-up:
  1. Open the PEER.
  2. Click Options > Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, deselect the check box for "Launch PEER window at program startup".
The next time you start your computer, the PEER application will start running, but the PEER window will not automatically appear. Double-click the system tray icon to open the PEER. 

Will the PEER application slow down the performance of my computer?

No, you should not notice any change in your computer's performance as a result of running the PEER application. You can adjust the amount of work the PEER application performs by clicking on “Options” > “Preferences” in the application window and adjusting the slider bar to the desired setting between Min and Max. Keep in mind that reducing your computer's workload decreases the amount of time your computer will spend processing work which will in turn decrease your potential earnings. 

About payments



How much can an Active PEER earn?

Active PEERs can earn up to the maximum monthly payment amount, as listed on and listed on the rate sheet. Active PEERs will be paid as long as you have met the minimum monthly payment amount. If an Active PEER does not meet the minimum monthly payment during the current calendar month, the account balance will be carried forward and applied to the next month. Payments are distributed electronically using your PayPal account. Please allow 10-15 business days from the close of the earnings period for payment to appear in your PayPal account. (If you do not already have an account with PayPal, 
NOTE: All payment schedules listed on the rate sheet and on the PEER Community Web site are subject to change, at Dynatrace' sole discretion, at any time without notice.


How and when will I receive payments?

In order to be eligible to receive payment your account status must be Active.
All payments are currently fulfilled through PayPal exclusively. Please allow 10-15 business days from the earnings close date (the last calendar of the month) for payment to appear in your PayPal account. Active PEERs with monthly balances of less than $5.00 will have their balances rolled into their earnings for the following month. You will be notified via e-mail when your payment is available.
In order to receive payment you must have a PayPal account registered with the same email address used to sign up for the PEER program. All payments are settled electronically using PayPal. At this time Dynatrace does not fulfill payments offline.
The e-mail address you register with your Dynatrace account MUST be the same e-mail address on file for your PayPal account. If the e-mail address differs between the accounts you payment will not be processed. 

Can I retrieve my payments if I have different e-mail addresses for my PEER account and my PayPal account?

In order to retrieve any payments earned for running the PEER, you MUST have the same e-mail address on record with both Dynatrace and PayPal. If you are using a different e-mail address on each account, please update your preferences so that the email addresses on both accounts match.
To update the email address associated with your PEER account login to your PEER account and click "Update Payment Information.” Update the e-mail address field, confirm your email and click Submit to save changes.
Please refer to to update the email address associated with your PayPal account. 

If I’m an International PEER, am I eligible for payments?

Any PEER who lives in or owns a bank account in a PayPal supported country is eligible to receive payments. Click here to view the worldwide list of PayPal supported countries. For any additional PayPal questions, please visit PayPal and click Help. 

I received an e-mail saying I have a PayPal account balance, but I’m having problems accessing it. How do I retrieve my payments?

If you have received notification that a payment has been deposited into your PayPal account and are having trouble accessing this money, you need to contact PayPal.  PayPal will be able to assist you with resolving difficulties with payment to your personal account. Once we have remitted payment to your PayPal account we have no control over the funds.
Dynatrace will keep accounting records of such payments only up to the point that they are submitted to the fulfillment partner. Dynatrace will not be held responsible for any mishandling or account transactions that take place after the payment list is presented to the fulfillment partner. However, Dynatrace will reconcile any payment discrepancies that occur due to an error by Dynatrace. Payment discrepancies will only be looked into within 6 months of the Payment Date.
NOTE: Dynatrace reserves the right to withhold or cancel any and all payments if there is evidence or suspicion of fraud, material misstatements or omissions in any application, or if there is insufficient or incorrect information which makes it commercially impracticable to complete the payment transaction, or for any other reason which Dynatrace in its sole discretion deems significant enough to warrant such a cancellation of payment.

Why did my monthly balance amount reset to zero?

At the beginning of the earnings period, the monthly balance amount may change. Active users who have earned the minimum payment amount or more will have their earnings distributed to either their PayPal account and their PEER account balances will be reset to zero for the next earnings period.
Inactive and Pending users are not eligible for payments. However, the potential earnings for each month will display in the monthly balance field. At the end of each month, the amount shown will be reset to zero. If you are selected as an Active PEER in the middle of an earnings period and you do not earn at least $5.00 by the close of that earnings period, your balance will be carried over to the next earnings period. 

Can I receive a check payment instead of using PayPal?

No, PayPal is currently the only ways to receive payment for running the PEER application. You must have an active PayPal account by the payment date or you will forfeit that month's earnings. 

How do I earn referral bonuses?

Simply go to our Refer a Friend page and fill out the referral form. In order to earn the current referral bonus the referred potential PEER must:

  1. Complete the application form and indicate the referrer's valid username.
  2. Have that application approved by Dynatrace (which approval or denial of approval shall be in Dynatrace's sole discretion).
  3. Download, install, and run the Software.
  4. Be selected as an "Active" PEER.






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